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Your source for production updates for all Oceanside Compatible™ or Oceanside Art Glass™ Continuous Ribbon Sheet Glass and Fusible Accessories (System 96®/Spectrum®/Uroboros®)

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What are we producing?

Check out the blog to see what we've made each month and what's currently on the truck on its way to a glass store near you.

Download the Sheet Glass Product List and Accessory Product List.

Click here for a full list of Retired Hand Rolled Sheet Glass and Retired Accessory Products.


Your most up to date reference on the COE 96 and Art Glass colors, textures, and styles produced by Oceanside Glass & Tile.




Frit production has been up and crushing since October 2017 and we've maintained the same five frit sizes Uroboros once made - F1, F2, F3, F5, and F7. 

View a list of COE 96 colors we're producing here. 


Stringer, Noodle, Rod

Stringer production has been online since December 2018. As we continue to build our inventory, you will see family color tubes of blue, green, warm, and neutral and solid color tubes of white, black, and clear in the market. Single color tubes are underway. 

We are in the process of building an inventory of Noodles and Rods. These two products are slowly entering the market and will be ramping up over the next few months.



We have an inventory of Cullet available in a rainbow of colors. Check with your local supplier to order in 5-gallon buckets (50 pounds) or Super Sacks (1000 pounds). 

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FAQ Fire

Nuggets, Billets, Rocks, and Casting Blocks

Studio Nuggets are back! Check with your local Distributor to purchase in 50LBS feed sacks. 

FAQ Samples

Samples, Kits, and Rack Packs

Oceanside newest Rack Pack offerings are here! The Rack Pack AG features 16 or more different products in a range of styles and colors of gorgeous non-standard Artisan Gem glass. Each Rack Pack comes in a sturdy (and handy) wooden box containing a total of 80 pieces of 12" x 12" sheet glass. 

For specific sample requests, please Contact Us. 

FAQ Website


Allow us to get real - we promised a new website in 2018 and we did not deliver. Bringing the Spectrum, Uroboros, and System 96 websites under the Oceanside Glass & Tile brand has proved more challenging than we expected and we're doing our best to get this launched. Thank you for your patience as we continue to develop and refine your new website.